Tasco has everything the aspiring astronomer needs to bring the most spectacular celestial images right to your home. Our powerful line of telescopes can take you away to other worlds, to distant galaxies, to the most stirring depths of the universe.

With Tasco, you can travel light-years into space and be back in time for dinner. We’re not saying Hollywood doesn't still have its place, but why settle for special effects when you can have the real thing?

I use Tasco telescopes and suggest you do too. Take a trip through space and never leave home. We’ll even assign you a tour guide to talk you through the amazing sights.

Whether you’re a curious beginner or a seasoned observer, the Bushnell line of telescopes is full of advancements that get you closer to the heavens than you’ve ever seen before.

What is the most faithful imaging known to amateur astronomy worth? At some point, if you stay serious about the hobby, you too will come to the same realization as thousands of others before you that the APO experience, if not priceless, is indeed at least worth the cost of admission.

Sky-Watcher-Leaders in design and manufacture of ED-APO systems.

 When you purchase any of our products, you’re not just buying products, but you’re buying a track record of excellence and service that stretches back for more than 46 years.

What does that mean to you ?  It means that you benefit from our unceasing quest to create the very finest, most innovative products of their kind in the country.  Tasco Sales. An effective partner with Dave reneke's Astronomy educational programs.  

Tasco Sales (Aust) Pty Ltd     Unit 6/9-13 Winbourne Road     Brookvale NSW 2100    Australia     +61 2 99383244   Website     

    (Please contact me  for price and delivery details on ALL Tasco PRODUCTS



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