The Big Space Balloon Project Set To Launch.

 The Mission

The Big Space Balloon is a project which aims to launch the Worlds biggest crowd based high altitude research balloon, to fly to the edge of space and explore the highest regions.It’s peak at the top of the earth’s atmosphere and reach to an altitude of up to 130,000 feet, into the earths Stratosphere. The balloon’s envelope will be up to a 100 metres in diameter. Potentially using a super pressure balloon envelope design, which can enable a sustained period of flight of several days over thousands of miles.

The Big Space Balloon will carry a scientific capsule to undertake a range of experiments regarding space sciences, providing a low cost platform for companies & the space industry to carry out research & development at the edge of space.

BSB Flight Sequence

Be part of something big

The Big Space Balloon is also aiming to have a large element of public engagement and the project will offer people the chance to see them selves at the edge of space with the “Face in Space Competition”.

The free to enter competition offers upto 10,000 members of the public the chance to have a mini-image of themselves printed onto the science capsule, to be photograhed at the edge of space with the latest in high-definition cameras.

The Big Space Balloon has the potential to be the Worlds biggest scientific outreach programme.

BSB Capsule in Space

Advantages of Stratospheric Balloons

Stratospheric balloons allows you to lift a substantial payload of into a space environment, the Big Space Balloon will be aiming for an approximate payload weight, including the science capsule of around 1 Metric tonne. This should enable the science capsule to carry an estimated 500kg-700Kg of scientific equipment.

Although the Big Space Balloon is an un-manned project, the science capsule aims to be a fairly large structure, approximately 2 metres in diameter by 2 metres high.

The intention is to pressurise the top section of the science capsule to an inhabitable environment to see how these materials perform in the space environment. Technology used in building the science capsule, could be scaled up to build either new types of Aircraft or Space vehicle‘s in the future.

Fligth Path

* Balloons also allow you to put relatively large payloads into a space environment at a lower costs compared to a rocket launch and can be used many times allowing modifications, improvements and upgrades to the on-board equipment with each balloon launch. Source: Big Space Balloon



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