The Lost In Space Cast Reflects On 50th Anniversary

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The Lost in Space crew reunited at the Entertainment Weekly Lounge at Comic-Con — except for the Robot, who evidently didn’t want to join in: “He refused to come out of his trailer for this,” Bill Mumy joked. “He’s a diva, you know,” Marta Kristen added.

Lost in Space first premiered 50 years ago and ran for three seasons until its 1968 conclusion. “Half a century ago, we left earth,” Mumy said. “And now we’re finally back.”

To celebrate, they’re using this big anniversary as a chance to release a Blu-ray collection of the series complete with “about seven or eight hours” of new material, according to Mark Goddard.

The Blu-ray comes out Sept. 15 — the same date as the show’s 1965 premiere — and there will be more Lost in Space nostalgia to come: Angela Cartwright says she and Mumy are working on a book of archived photos from the set. See them talk about what’s next for Lost in Space above.  Source: Entertainment

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