The Moon Hat Has Arrived!

Perfect fit. Very comfortable to wear and quite an attention getter at Star parties!! A Moon What???  Yep, that’s what they all say when they see this innovative ‘Astro-Apparel’ from a new company I was very happy to find called ‘Star In A Star.’

A Fun Way To Learn Moon Phases

Owned and operated by and run by US based Daniel Cummings. A curiously compelling astronomy object teaches motions of the Moon. Crisp and bright embroidered moon phases wrap this black fleece cap.

Each image is placed to create a precise 360˚ model of the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. It’s beautiful and functional – a clever melding of art and science.

The Moon Hat is “no ordinary hat.” It is scientifically designed to decode the Moon and its motions. When you put on the Moon Hat you are wearing knowledge about the Moon. Plus, it’s gorgeous! And warm.

The Moon Hat is the first hat with instructions sewn inside so you’ll always know the moon phase names and which order they go in. It’s a great way to get in tune with the Moon cycles and learn how the Moon moves.

The makers have come up with a very smart way of reading what each phase represents…and its all inside the cap!

It’s for adults and kids alike – “one size fits most” – a stretchy adult medium. Kids love the fun design, parents and grandparents love the science. Hey, don’t forget. The 50th anniversary of the first Moon Landing in 1969 is just around the corner. With the Moon Hat on your head, you’ll be ready. COST” $19.95


See what a few past users are saying about the Moon hat…..

  1.  – Rated 5 out of 5

    Mike  – This hat is awesome! Super soft! Stylish and educational!!

  2.  Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark Bright  – Very attractive and yet educational hat. Helps visualize how what appears as a “Half Moon” is actually called 1st Quarter or 3rd Quarter Moon. Well made with style!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kristy Cohen  – I teach a New Moon Meditation class and love to follow the orbit of the Moon through time. The Moon Hat will help keep me aligned with the phase and current constellations the Moon is located in–very cool!

    Introducing The ‘Sun Tracker’

    This is a fun, attractive, and easy to use indoor sundial. This colorful window decoration and specially-designed stickers lets you keep track of the Sun’s changing position. A clever tool for doing science at home or in the classroom – it’s also a beautiful windw decoration!

Place it on your window and watch it glisten and glow. Then follow the shadow and mark its travel with the enclosed (removable) stickers. You will learn how the Earth moves and makes the Sun change position in the sky. It’s a little bit like putting a part of Stonehenge on your window.

Sun Tracker User Guide

How to pick a window. Find any window where the Sun shines through at some point during the day. This is a window that faces east, south, or west.

A floor or wall where the shadow will fall. The window should allow sunlight to shine through the Sun Tracker. The sunlight will shine through the Sun Tracker on to a wall or floor and make a shadow.

Place small, removable sticky-notes to mark the position of this shadow each day. The Sun Tracker should remain in the same place during an entire year if possible!

However, if the first placement is not good for some reason, you can easily move the Sun Tracker… just make sure to remove any stickers you have placed already.

Basic Sun Tracking – Hour by Hour

Each hour – starting in the morning, once per hour, place a sticker to mark the Sun Tracker shadow location. Notice how the shadow gets shorter (closer to the window) as the Sun goes higher.

You can do this basic hour-by-hour tracking every day! It’s a fun activity in itself, and it naturally leads into the more advanced usage. COST $3.95


Science gifts for astronomy.

Tools and science gifts – these are “Reminders to be curious.” Bring scientific thinking to everyday life. These cool astronomy gifts and tools are guaranteed “Aha! Generators”™

FREE Shipping to anywhere in the US.

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