Thousands Report Shockwave, Fireball in NSW

A Huge shockwave, Earth tremor and fireball has been reported

A Huge shockwave, Earth tremor and fireball has been reported

There are reports that a huge meteor smashing through the Earth’s atmosphere over NSW Hunter Valley region last night. Dozens of people called Geoscience Australia to report tghe amazing incident.

They felt an earth tremor around 9pm local time on Monday 26th of June 2017. “Reports of a meteor over the Hunter Valley, NSW at 21:00,” Geoscience Australia said. “Reported tremors and thunder but no seismic activity has been detected by Geoscience Australia,” they said on Twitter.

Another Twitter account, incident alerts, said they had had a “few reports of a rumbling and windows rattling from south of Newcastle to the Central Coast” as well they said. “Any other people feel or hear anything???? We are unsure of any RAAF operations of the coast and no reports from geoscience Aust.

Dozens of similar reports came in – “We have reports of a very large meteor off the coast did anyone happen to get a pic of it?”

It appears eople saw the meteorite right across New South Wales. “I was getting fire wood at the time and looked up at what i thought was fireworks but realise it was coming from the wrong direction. Couldn’t believe it broke into half a dozen pieces,” Ray Deaves said. “I saw it over Kincumber, it’s was incredible. I hope someone has photos or a video,” Nina Rees wrote

“Me and a mate were driving back from Erina and we’re at the back of Tuggerah and we saw it. Debated a little while as to what it was as we saw in disintegrate as it came down. Was totally amazing, had never seen anything like it!,” Adam Jones wrote on Facebook.

Pets in Sydney may have heard the meteorite, with one reader telling us her dog began barking and “would’t stop” right about the time the fireball was seen. Did you see anything? Tell us below – follow us on Facebook and comment

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