Video – Shop Sends Doughnut Flying Into Space

One small step for doughnuts, one giant leap for the sprinkled kind. A science-theme doughnut shop called Donutology in Westport, Mo., launched a sprinkled doughnut into space with a helium weather balloon in December.

If you’re hoping to take a bite from the historic space doughnut, you’re out of luck. In order for the treat to safely make it through its space voyage, Donutology layered the treat in protective silicon, which made the sprinkled snack inedible.

In an ode to Walt Disney, the doughnut was launched in Disney’s boyhood hometown of Marceline, Mo. From there, the doughnut traveled 253 miles, and sailed 18 miles, or 97,000 feet, into the air before making landfall in Illinois four hours later, according to the Kansas City Star.

The entire voyage was caught on camera thanks to GoPro footage. The doughnut, along with the weather balloon that accompanied it on its journey, is now on display at Donutology. Source: Palm Beach Post

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