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What if the Earth/Mars battle from H.G. Wells’ classic novel The War of the Worlds wasn’t fiction but actually fact? That’s the story of WAR OF THE WORLDS THE TRUE STORY.

The film is also the 85th Academy Awards Oscar contender. Like the famous 1938 Orson Welles radio broadcast that caused Americans to believe an actual invasion was in progress, the movie assumes an Earth/Mars War in 1900 actually occurred and is presented as the first hand memoir of journalist Bertie Wells, the last living survivor as he struggles to find his wife amidst the destruction of humankind at the hands of terrifying alien invaders.

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The movie uniquely uses cutting edge visual effects to blend a modern cast with battalions of actual fighting soldiers, golden age movie stars, and previously undisclosed images of tentacled alien creatures and their ten-story high, three-legged fighting machines.

A film crew captured the memories of the last living survivor of the war between Earth and Mars that took place c1900. The filmed memoirs, discovered in a vault in 2006, were found  with hours of previously unknown footage of the alien/Earth apocalypse, the actual Martian invaders and their war machines. This is the motion picture presentation of that eyewitness account.

‘WAR OF THE WORLDS THE TRUE STORY’ (2012)  Pendragon Pictures 97 min.  Science Fiction, Horror, Action  

AVAILABLE ON DVD     http://www.waroftheworldsthetruestory.com/  

Facebook Fan page: http://www.facebook.com/waroftheworldsthetruestory 40,000+ Followers

Info: Contact SUSAN GOFORTH at phone/text: 206-639-3198 or news@waroftheworldsthetruestory.com


REVIEW By Dave Reneke


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The story is told mainly from the point of view of the last living survivor, Bertie Wells, a survivor of the Earth/Mars war struggling to find his wife amidst the destruction and ruins of society at the hands of terrifying alien invaders. This is where the suspense of the original movie is retained.

You’re asked to suspend disbelief and that’s easy to do because the production is so good. You assume the world knows there was a war between Earth and Mars in the year 1900 and Director Timothy Hines fuels that mindset with believable stock footage images blended within the impressive visual artistry so evident throughout the film.

And, where has producer Susan Goforth been hiding? The production values on this video compare to videos I’ve reviewed with four and five times the budget this cost to make. I’ll be looking with keen interest for more from her in the future.

‘War Of The Worlds The True Story’ has played in selected theatres across the United States to rave reviews, including favourable critics’ praise, and I’m told, qualifies as an Oscar contender for the 85th Academy Awards. Not bad!

I loved this movie, not because it’s based on an all time favourite but because it’s the ultimate ‘what if?’ movie…. and it gives me an unexpected end to Wells original story. Buy it, watch it, and relive the classic. You won’t be sorry!

Dave Reneke (12 July 2013)
Editor & Publisher: ASTRO SPACE NEWS  Australia’s #1 Astronomy News Service
Writer/Publicist: Australasian Science Magazine
‘Mid North Coast Astronomy’ (Australia)





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