Why Haven’t We Met Any Other Forms Of Life Yet?

There are plenty of paranormal events in the universe which we can not explain. Would it be good or bad if we find other forms of life on other planets?

Life on some planets may be like life on Earth. Life on other worlds may have a completely different chemistry, and may not even possess a genetic code.

The Science of UFOs: Fact vs. Skepticism

There are plenty of people who are assured that they happened to observe real UFO. Can it be true or are these only the tricky games of our imagination? On the one hand, our visible universe is 91.32 light-years wide, and it would be light-minded to assume that we are alone in the fathomless universe. Until now we didn’t fully explore our solar system. What about other 500 solar systems, which NASA scientists have already discovered by now in our Milky Way galaxy?

Did you realize that there might be around 100 billion more solar systems just like ours only in the Milky Way? It seems impossible that other planets are abandoned. On the other hand, why didn’t we ever receive a clear and vivid signal or message from the other forms of life? Or did we? Let’s discuss the most famous facts which might be the evidence of the UFO. (Image source)

What if there are phenomena, which we don’t realize?

A mystery flying saucer

If you type in “UFO video” on YouTube, you will receive a rich variety of videos. Most of them have thriling sound and video effects, which grant the state of mystery and scare. Let’s discuss the classic shape of a flying object. For that reason, we have to go back in time until the moment when Tesla has invented an aircraft which looks exactly like a standard mystery UFO.

Can it be a coincidence? A so-called “flying saucer” is a special aircraft which works with the anti-electromagnetic field propulsion system. It means that Tesla wanted to use space energy produced by electromagnetic fields. It would force the spacecraft move at the extreme speed. The anti-gravity system was an innovative achievement of the 20th century. Unfortunately, it was never realized. The official version is a lack of financing. What if we don’t understand something? Why do all so-called UFOs look like the Tesla’s anti-gravity invention?

Secret scientific and engineering researchers

It is hard to believe that paranormal investigators never mentioned this fact before. The scientist had registered a patent number 1,655,144. How could this innovation be forgotten? Together with the UFO research, we must bear in mind that there is a probability that the IFO (identified flying object) exists. There are plenty of secret military and governmental programs.

All of them include scientific research. Very often researchers don’t acknowledge what they are working on and part of which system they develop. What if things we have seen in these videos are just test flights of secret inventions? In any case, it is impossible that no one works on the most significant breakthrough to bring it to life until now.

What if aliens are already there?

That is not a secret that lots of the facts and videos which we can find on YouTube are the evidence of something else or just fake. Think about the other side of the story. What if there are phenomena, which we don’t realize? What if NASA will announce that there is a long-term contact with other forms of life? Would it be a miracle or a disaster? Many researchers even from essayontime for your services make their own investigations. However, these research papers are secret to us, and we never understand what exactly paranormal studies found out about UFO. (Image source

Optimistic and pessimistic hypothesis of life scenarios

Let’s discuss human civilization. From the moment of its inception and till now we have been discovering our planet Earth, evolving in accordance with its environment, and adjusting it to our needs. Now we are on the stage when humanity is trying to inhabit other planets of the solar system and in a bigger perspective create a galaxy civilization.

The other scenario predicts the extinction of species. Where are we now? There are two possible answers to this question. The first hypothesis supposes that the life itself is extremely rare. The intelligence of human being took 200,000 years to evolve to civilization, and we still doubt if it was a happy coincidence or natural way the evolution works. The other hypothesis is full of skepticism. It assumes that something great will destroy us as well as it has destroyed any other form of life being in other solar systems. In our case it can be:

  • a nuclear war
  • a non-controlled nanotechnologies
  • genetically engineered superbug
  • an experiment that will burn the atmosphere
  • artificial super intelligence will destroy its creator
  • we change the composition of the atmosphere to uninhabitable

Our perspectives

In a nutshell, if we find bacteria, small animals, intelligence, or ruins in other planets, the chances are high that we are repeating the scenario of self-destroying as no galaxy civilization exists so far. On the other hand, if we are unique, there is a chance that we are on the right way to inhabit other planets and become aliens ourselves. One billion years is a blink of an eye for the universe. There are billions of planets to discover, and maybe someday we will meet the other version of ourselves far from Milky Way.

Article written and supplied by: Nicole Cowart 

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