World’s Largest Pair of Safe Solar Glasses

World’s Largest Pair of Safe Solar Glasses

As the U.S. gears up for the next total solar eclipse taking place Aug. 21, American Paper Optics, the world’s leading manufacturer of solar eclipse and 3-D glasses, has built the world’s largest pair of functioning safe solar eclipse glasses.

Measuring at approximately 32 feet wide and 3 feet high, the glasses represent the magnitude of the event that John Jerit, owner and CEO of APO, fervently refers to as ‘the largest event in the sky.

Not only are the glasses unique in size, but the fact that they are completely functional (meaning, people can stand behind them, look through the ISO-certified lens and safely view the sun) makes them that much more impressive. APO built the glasses to help the U.S. commemorate what could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many of the more than 300 million people estimated to view the eclipse.

The journey to building the glasses began in late 2016, when Jerit contemplated the most creative way to remember the rare eclipse for years to come. Shortly thereafter, the construction process launched into full swing.


(John Jerit photographed with the largest pair of eclipse glasses)

From meticulously creating the design to deciding on the appropriate specifications to ensure the glasses were in fact the ‘world’s largest,’ the glasses have now made a clear statement – you don’t want to miss Aug. 21, the day when people across the country will witness the first total solar eclipse visible from the continental U.S. in nearly four decades.

Those lucky enough to live in or who are planning a trip to one of the 12 states located along the Path of Totality will be among the many to witness the full total solar eclipse. Outside the path, viewers will witness a partial eclipse. This map outlines the projected viewership of the eclipse.

However, no matter where people physically are located in the U.S. on Aug. 21, they will need a pair of safe solar eclipse glasses. The glasses can be custom-branded for any individual, company or organization – using size, shape and color scheme – to commemorate the eclipse.


Superbowl Of The Sky

It’s being called “the Super Bowl of the sky” and Tuesday, February 21, officially marks six months until portions of the United States will experience a full solar eclipse. It’s been decades since this has happened and there’s a company in Bartlett playing a major role, providing tens of millions of glasses to safely watch the eclipse as it happens.

It’s a typical day at American Paper Optics in Bartlett and the machines are pedal to the metal.  The special solar glasses are designed, printed, folded and glued for hundreds of museums, schools and companies across the country, potentially up to a million per day.  They’re manufactured right in Bartlett, Tennessee but come August 21 you will find them playing a crucial role for tens of millions of Americans as they step outside to see this a solar eclipse.

Some parts of the country will experience the full eclipse. The full eclipse will stretch from Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. John Jerit is the President of American Paper Optics, the man helping people experience history. “Our goal is to sell at least 100 million glasses,” he explained.


Jerit has been making glasses for more than 16 years out of Bartlett, you can see for yourself his company has had their hand in a myriad of projects, many calling for 3-D glasses. “We even did 134 million glasses for the Super Bowl in 2009,” he said.

Right now they’re focusing on the upcoming total eclipse. “You’ll see it in Memphis. In Memphis you’re going to have a 94% eclipse which is great but there’s nothing like getting to totality. Which is 100% so for here the closest place would be Nashville, Tennessee or Carbondale, Illinois,” explained Jerit.

The paper glasses help you safely look at the sun and watch the eclipse happen and if it’s a total eclipse you can safely take them off and look at the sky.”You’ll get two minutes of the day becoming night, temperatures dropping 12 degrees, animals being confused and people going crazy,” said Jerit with a smile.

It’s a moment Jerit is excited for Mid-Southerners to witness, that could have a lasting impact.”This is a lifetime experience. This is the kind of experience that influences children to become mathematicians, astronomers, physicists. It’s an amazing event,” he said.

Where to Buy Glasses for Eclipse Viewing

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