Writer Sends Lamb Chop Into Space

A writer and a graphic artist decide to send a lamb chop into space and spend five months recovering the footage.

This is quite possibly the most elaborate marketing scheme ever to have been devised. To promote his new book Meatspace, author Nikesh Shukla and graphic artist Nick Hearne decided to take things literally and send a piece of meat into suborbital space.

Attached to a fork, hanging from a weatherballoon rigged with a GoPro, the tandoori lamb chop ascended from a field in the Cotswolds at a 325 metres a minute, for just over an hour and a half, before the balloon burst at around 25,000 metres.

Chops away! Author Nikesh Shulka prepares to launch the lamb into space

Nikesh and Nick set the lamb chop in motion were expecting the landing site to be somewhere in Andover, Hampshire – but the GPS failed to activate to tell them the chop’s location. Luckily, or so it seemed, the friends were contacted by a farmer in Dorset who said he’d found their chop in his threshing machine.

However, the man, known only as Adam, led them on a five month goose chase – failing to meet them on numerous occasions to hand the GoPro back. It was only after they involved the police that Nikesh and Nick got to see the amazing footage they had recorded. Sadly, the fate of the lamb chop remains a mystery. Telegraph

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