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Do Astronomy & History Support the Bible?

Do Astronomy & History Support the Bible? You Will Be Surprised!

♦ You don't need to understand the Bible or know anything about the scriptures!

♦ You'll be taken step by step as the search for the mysterious 'Star' unfolds ...

♦ Watch as we show you a Flash Video of how the Star was formed ...

♦ Revealed! The 'over the counter' software program we used to find the Xmas Star...

♦ You'll be amazed at what you'll find out - most people are!

"If You Only Buy One E-Book This Year, Make It This One!"

It has fascinated us for millenia. Believers, scoffers and the curious have wondered at the Biblical account of the Star. But was it real?

What happpens if we combine current historical scholarship, astronomical fact and an open mind? What would it reveal?? Using 'over the counter' software we have reconstructed the night sky of Jesus' time and found what we believe is the fabled Xmas Star mentioned in the Bible and the very Star that was seen by the '3 Wise Men' - the 'Magi.'

Take a look at the evidence for yourself: $14.95 (Aust.)  

BONUS E-Book For Kids

If we sold this amazing 27 page E-Book for $19.95 (AU) alone it would be good value... BUT today, as mentioned, when you place an order, you'll also receive ABSOLUTELY FREE a second E-Book written for kids called 'The Story of Xmas.'

It explains to kids how we found the Xmas Star and how the 3 Wise Men followed it's glow to find baby Jesus asleep in a stable in Bethlehem. This is a genuine offer and a FREE inclusion for a limited time with your order.

Both E-Books will be emailed to you at the address you sepcify. BONUS: Included with every order - 26 Pages of Xmas colouring in sheets that you can easily print.

This will keep your kids or grandchildren busy for hours as they learn the true meaning of the Xmas Star - and how we found it again using simple computer software.


For Just $14.95

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