Ask Yourself Have You Ever... Touched a real space rock? Seen the rings of Saturn? Viewed star clusters 17,000 light years away? Seen the craters and 'seas' on the Moon up close... or just looked through a large telescope? 

With world renowned astronomer, lecturer and media personality Dave Reneke as your guide you'll view amazing planets, stars, clusters & constellations.

David is an expert astronomy lecturer, writer, author and heard on 13 radio stations across Australia each week! Designed for those with no knowledge of astronomy this talk is covered in simple, easy to understand terms.

                          We can cater to any size family, club, organisation or gathering 

                                                  KIDS LOVE ASTRONOMY                                                                            Ask any Teacher ...Next to Dinosaurs kids love SPACE the BEST!

Kids of any age will always remember their FIRST real CLOSE-UP look at the Moon! Enjoy the Aboriginal dream-time sky stories. You'll also get to HOLD a REAL 4-Billion year old Meteorite! Great for Family BBQs, Birthdays, Clubs... or just a fun social night. ALL from your own backyard! Kids especially catered for.

Remember....'We Come To You'

Marvel at our Laser Guided Sky Tour of The Milky Way... SEE Huge Moon Craters, Saturn's Rings, Jupiter's Moons.... View Stars & Clusters Thousands of Light Years Away...We Use Large 250mm Hi-Power Telescopes. We will also help you take your own photograph through the telescope with your smartphone of what you see! Of course, we have no control over weather conditions OK.


The ringed wonder…everybody’s favourite SATURN
The ringed wonder…everybody’s favourite SATURN
  • YES...the rings are really there! THIS is the favourite of everybody taking our sky tours. Right now the rings are as wide open as they can be with the dark 'Cassini Division'  in between. 
The amazing GAS GIANT planet JUPITER
The amazing GAS GIANT planet JUPITER

The best object through a  telescope ever. We'll show you the giant planet's unique banded clouds, its Red Spot you've heard so much about and thrill at the 4 main moons circling the planet.

  • Huge craters on the Moon, double stars... NOTHING prepares you for this close up view, especially when you can capture it all with your phone camera. The main planets Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are especially clear and stunning (when risen) with star clusters and nebula always sitting there just waiting for you. Wanna see stars being born? Just ask!

"An Amazing 2-Hour Experience!"

Here's what they're saying....

* Absolutely amazing -we learnt so much and Dave is brilliant. It was a great introduction to the stars and amazing for a first timer to see actual planets through the large telescope. Do yourself a favour - take this tour. It's worth every cent! Maureen Rivenell, Port Macquarie NSW

*This evening event changed forever how I will see the night skies. We got to see four planets (Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) and different star clusters. After the presentation Dave stayed a little longer and answered all our questions. Highly recommended, especially for families. Barry and Kita Sorenson, Taree NSW

"Man, it absolutely blew my mind to get this personal tour of the sky with Dave's large telescope! It was MUCH better than I ever expected. It was amazing to see the clarity of the rings around Saturn which got a 'wow' from everyone. My family and friends thoroughly enjoyed the close-up views of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon's huge craters." Jack Pedley. Port Macquarie.

*Thanks Dave for a night we are still moved by! The impact has been huge on our kids, especially those close-up views of the Moon! We saw the rings of Saturn wide open, also Jupiter and took a photo through the telescope. I'm telling my friends about this too! Karen Amato, Wauchope NSW

Our special program is unique... a never to be forgotten journey of the night sky. There is nothing quite like seeing the distant stars and planets with your own eyes through our magnificent telescopes - and it's all done from your backyard with your friends around! 


          $150 Full Night's Viewing (Includes Laser Guided Sky Tour)                 

PLEASE NOTE: We need a clear view of the night sky and a reasonably dark location away from strong lights. If clouded out we simply re-book for another night :) IF your location is not suitable we have access to our own Dark Sky site in Wauchope OR maybe find a local field/oval near you.

We Service The Entire Mid North Coast NSW from Kempsey - Taree 

Enquiries/Bookings   Phone: 0400 636 363     Email:

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