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 Dave Appears ‘LIVE’ On Over a Dozen Radio Stations  Each Week

 Across Australia!

Dave Reneke is a science correspondent for ABC and commercial radio stations. In these weekly radio interviews David regularly appears on over 60 networked stations across Australia with all the latest news and on general astronomy and space discovery issues.  David’s audience numbers around 3 million listeners weekly! David’s media schedule includes appearances on regional, national and international TV.

David has been featured on Regional TV stations in NSW, Good Morning America, American MSNBC news, the BBC, Spanish television and Sky News here in Australia. David is a prime media correspondent for Australasian Science Magazine. A list of all the stations David appears on has been included below.  As host of his own program for many years, David has won major Australasian awards for his services to radio. 

Dave is available for interview: 

If you are interested, an interview can be arranged by contacting Dave by Phone/Fax(02) 65 85 2260 Mobile:    04…  or email Dave for an instant reply to David is well experienced talking to the media and presents information in an easy to understand, up to date and informative manner. Interviews can be on any subject, tailored to your requirements.If you experience problems and need a printed copy email me and I’ll get a copy to you.


 Each Monday at 6.20am (AEST) on ABC Riverina Breakfast, Dave talks with Anne Delaney (a fellow space science fanatic) about the latest astronomy news, explorations of planets and moons happening at the moment, great space science, and the REAL out-of-this-world quirky news! You can listen again to Dave’s chat with Anne each week – the audio will be available via the ABC Riverina Breakfast facebook page. And check out Dave’s website.

What’s A White Hole?

We all know about black holes but what about white holes? Astronomer Dave Reneke explains a little about the concept during Spaced Out! this week. Listen NOW

Listen live each Tuesday morning at 6.20am then head to Dave’s website for more details and the latest astronomy and space science news.

Leave comments and questions on the ABC Riverina Breakfast facebook page.


Rocket ships to Mars

25 November 2011 , 4:28 PM by Christopher Welsh

NASA is launching a 4WD-sized probe to Mars this weekend. The Curiosity probe will be sniffing the atmosphere and listening to the sounds of the planet while determining once and for all whether life once existed there.  And is there any hope for the Russian probe to Mars which seems to be stuck in orbit around the Earth?  Dave Reneke looks through his high definition telescope to find all the answers. Listen NOW


Spaced Out! Curiosity bound for Mars
23/11/2011 , 11:12 AM by Anne Delaney

This week will see another project launch from Earth heading to the red planet -a large Mars rover which will hopefully open the Martian science door a little wider. Dave Reneke talks about Friday’s expected launch of a large rover (nicknamed Curiosity) back to Mars and what hopes the mission team has for what can be accomplished. Listen NOW


I’ve was invited to do a 1-2 hour radio session with Dr. David Livingstone, on the ‘Space Show’ – one of the most successful and longest running astro/space progarms in the world. We’ll be highlighting most aspects of the space program, talking about my 40 year involvement in astronomy/space issues and my recent meetings with Buzz Aldrin and Sir Richard Branson in the US in 2008.

I went on air with him Tuesday evening (California time) 7-8:30 PM PST.  In Australia its 1pm Wednesday November 30 Australian east coast time. The Space Show is a biweekly radio talk show, presented by Dr. David Livingston, about space commerce and exploration that is also available archived online as a podcast. It has had over a thousand shows, with many interviewees, including Freeman Dyson, John Logsdon, Alan Boyle, Jordin Kare], Andrew Chaikin, Francis French and Walter Anderson.

On broadcast AM radio, The Space Show is hosted on KKNW, 1150AM Seattle, Washington. Listen to the show HERE  Or HERE


MONDAY: (NSW Times) ABC Central Coast FM with Scott Levi at 5.50am   ABC Riverina with Anne Delaney 6.20am – ABC Mildura (Vic) with Sheridan Stewart at 7.10am ABC N/W Qld with Liz Gwynne 10.50am –  ABC Renmark South Australia with Narelle at 11.05am  – ABC West Queensland with Bernadette at 11.20 am  –  Radio 2DU Dubbo, NSW with Richard Perno at 12.35pm  –

TUESDAY:  (NSW  DST Times) Adelaide Five AA with Peter Godfrey at 5.30am – 6am… Chat plus listener feedback and questions, Plus prize giveaways ABC Tamworth with Anna 7.10am ABC Horsham with Dan Glover  8.45am – ABC Bega 9.20am with Tim – ABC Far North Queensland (Cairns) with Phil at 10.40am – ABC Wide Bay Qld  with Dave Dowsett (Pre-recorded)                                              

SATURDAY: 4BC Queensland with John Scott – night time chat show, prize giveaway plus listener calls.  (varies- casual)



531AM  NSW with Grant Goldman

3AW  Melbourne – Brekkie with Ross and  John

ABC Australia Overnights with Trevor Chappel

Also: ABC Hobart – ABC Canberra – ABC Melbourne – ABC Newcastle – ABC Perth

 2HD Newcastle NSW


Good Morning America, American MSNBC news, the BBC, Spanish television and Sky News here in Australia.





Hi Dave, Thank you so much for coming on the show, Charles really appreciates your time. The idea to give away the limited edition coins from the Perth Mint worked excellently. We had an overwhelming response from our listeners, with so many calls that it jammed our phone lines for thirty minutes (a long time in radio).

Amazing, never seen anything like it. Thanks again, look forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers Esther Woodhams Assistant Producer / Researcher Charles Wooley Across Australia

Macquarie Regional Radioworks – The Charles Wooley Show

Dave I have really loved working with you! You’re one of my favourites. I swear, if all our regulars were as friendly, available and reliable as you are, the show would always run smoothly 🙂 Thanks for your support and help over the last few months.

I’ll miss working with you and wish you all the best for the future. Take care & I’ll keep reading the astro news Jenni Klaus Producer.  Charles Wooley Across Australia radio program

Dave, I thoroughly enjoy your radio spot On FiveAA with Peter Godfrey, just can’t call in to win competitions to the Observatory because I am driving to work. Damn. l Yours Kindly,  Philip & Colleen Green

Dave, Keep up the good work on your website. Most informative Astronomy site I’ve seen. Regards, Robert Smeallie

Liz Gwynn here from NW QLD Mornings. Just wanted to let you know I am finishing up with the ABC in Mount Isa to be closer to home. I wanted to thank you for your dedication to the segment, and for the constant professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with you on it and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the space and sky each week.
All the best David, and thank you again. Liz Gwynn

  Hi Dave. Thank you for the chat with Glenn, it was just what I was hoping for and more.

I will definitely keep your information on our books and we would love to chat again. Kind Regards Sian Producer ABC – WA

Hi Dave. Once again, plenty of callers and some great feedback about you. I always get such great comments from the people who phone thru.. they think you are terrific! An ‘over the moon’ winner today. Chris  called. The whole team listen to you each week and they were stoked to win – they enjoy your segment so much Dave!  Nice work… I love getting comments like that.…the winner told me that yours is the only segment on the radio that he and his workmates actually ‘down tools’ and tune in to… he absolutely loves the segment.

By the way, when other people were ringing for the competition they also said how much they look forward to hearing you each week and also how much you teach them! So good work and thanks Dave. May Perno Radio 2EC    Executive Promotions Manager / Morning  Announcer

Dear Dave, Thanks so much for yet another fabulous year of ALL THINGS OUT THERE! You’re enthusiasm for what you do is infectious… and makes GREAT radio! We truly appreciate your contribution to the Morning program and hope to continue this relationship in the new year. But for now, the Morning Show will rest till January 21, 2008. So Merry Christmas Dave… to you and your family… from Paula and myself. All the best,  Lynda McCaffrey    ABC Townsville

Dear David, Greetings. Please excuse the delayed email in getting in contact with you. I have been on a bit of a roller-coaster ride of late… back to back events since the Sydney conference. David, both Daniel & I would like to thank you for your wonderful words in the interview you gave us.  Mate, you truly are a master of your craft. Nicholas Simmons  Host / Producer      Channel 31 Television

Thank you David I listen to you on the radio, when I can. Always a joy to listen to someone such as yourself who has such passion for what he does. Ann Hamilton

Dave I always look forward to hearing you[on radio] but it only lasts 10 minutes ever thought of doing a download able segment from your site maybe once a month. John Klunka via FaceBook

Hi David, I just listened to your guest spot on the generation why podcast. I really enjoyed it. I hope you are on the program again!!!! Fascinating stuff. Thank you for all that you do!!!! Melody McLain

Hi Dave. I really look forward to our Tuesday chats and today was no exception. Even if I tried all day, I couldn’t come up with anything more fascinating than you provide for us. It’s amazing. Thankyou again for all you offer to us on the Morning program. Best regards, Kieran Weir ABC S.A.  Port Pirie, South Australia.

Thanks Dave!!! It’s been really great having you on the show this year. We have very positive feedback about your spot both internally and externally.  Thank you for all your efforts and looking forward to more wonderment from the world of astronomy in 2004. Have a lovely Christmas. Andrea Close ABC Radio

Dear Dave, Your spot is the highlight of my week. We really appreciate your knowledge and enthusiasm. Caroline and I hope you and yours have a safe and happy holiday. Cheers Scott Levi &  Caroline Perryman. ABC Central Coast (NSW)

Hi Dave! Thanks so much for all your help on the afternoon show for 2003 – you’re an absolute star, and I’m so glad we stumbled across you! Unfortunately I’m not with the afternoon program next year, so I’ll be missing your dulcet tones every fortnight. Thanks again for everything – and merry Christmas! Gabrielle Rumble Afternoon Program Producer 666 ABC Canberra

Dave, Many thanks again for your contributions to our program, your good humour and enthusiasm. I hope things have settled down after the recent move! Looking forward to working with you on the Morning Program again this year. Compliments of the season, Andrea Ho Regional Manager, ABC New England North West

Dave, Keith and Tony and I thank you for your help over the past year. Your work is that of a true professional.  Thank you again. Tom Menzies,  Producer Breakfast Program 5AA Adelaide

Thank you dear Dave Reneke. You’re always so reliable an informative and entertaining … and flexible!! So, thank you from the ‘arvo’ team. Annie Gastin ABC Northern Territory


Dear Dave Recently I won a prize from your Magazine on Radio 2EC Bega and would like to thank you very much. I always enjoy listening to your segment with May. She’s a lovely person and a very good interviewer and the information you give us is always so interesting. Sincerely Wendy Hawkins  Eden NSW


Sorry to repeat myself but I love your newsletter. Sincerely, Peter D. Gibson Vice Chairman, Portfolio Strategy & Quantitative Research Desjardins Securities – Toronto, Canada


Dear Mr David Reneke, I am in year 8 and attend St Columba’s High School. I attended the talk you gave on Thursday, 24th August, and I was absolutely amazed by the amount of knowledge you have about the universe, and the presentation itself. I’d just like to congratulate you on a wonderful presentation. I have enclosed some pictures my Grandad sent me, you probably have them or seen them, but I think that they are spectacular. Thank you for displaying such a wonderful presentation, I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you very much. Yours sincerely, Danielle Crichton


Dave I’m a keen listener to your segments on ABC local radio 702 and 92.5. I would like to take this interest further; do you recommend any books/websites etc? Are there other resources for a beginner? Cheers, Michael Duffy Hunter & Central Coast


Hi Dave Sorry for the slow response. I have been enjoying your newsletter greatly. I am glad the rest of your trip went well, and you got to see some snow. I will keep you in the loop as well, and send you PDF copies of the magazine when they come out. Best regards, Charlie Warren Editor – Amateur Astronomy Magazine USA


Hi Dave Heard your interview today on ABC radio – top stuff Keep up the good work Greg Kay Astronomical Society of the Hunter


Your very obvious expertise and careful, thorough preparation made the lectures today most interesting for the large number attending. Beryl Walters, Branch librarian. Hastings Library


Our sincere thanks for an interesting & highly informative morning, all those present were as one in their appreciation. Your enthusiasm and clear delivery really ‘rubbed off’ on our people. Gus Halloran, Hastings Probus Clubs


On behalf of Camp Quality we would like to thank you for a very informative night. I feel we all learnt a lot due mainly to your professional and friendly personality and wealth of information. Sharon Lockey, Publicity Officer Camp Quality


What an interesting newsletter. As a UK reader your directions, to look at things, is not always easy to transpose. Still a great read. Howard Bretman


Dave I‘d like to ask if you’d mind joining my address book as a possible commentator for future astronomy stories? As you probably know, readers love space but I’m always trying to widen the circle of experts I go to for comment just to keep stories interesting. If it’s ok to give you a buzz as things come up let me know. And yes, I’ll be signing up for your weekly letter. Thanks. Kate Rose. Science reporter ~ HERALD SUN ~ Youth affairs reporter


Hi David, I’m Byron, we met briefly after your talk at Macquarie University for the Astronomy Open Night. I expressed an interest in working for Virgin Galactic and you asked me to send you an email. I would also like to add that I really appreciate, just the opportunity you are giving me, a chance at something amazing. Hope to hear from you soon, – Byron Usmar


Hi Dave , Since I started to listen to you on 5aa Tuesday mornings , I have a renewed interest in Astronomy. I look forward to enhancing my knowledge and following and listening to you. Steve Staehr


Dave, Thanks for your web site and for this blog. As you may tell, I am very enthusastic about being a ‘star gazer’. Thanks for what you do for people like me/us. Mark Thorp


G’day Astrodave Thanks for the heads up – I saw it on your regular newsletter and the office was quite interested to learn of it – so thanks for the scoop! I’ll see if I have space to run something ASAP, so thanks again for the great news and keep up the good work! It’s a highlight when I see another email from you in my inbox! Gabrielle Wheaton News editor  THE IPSWICH ADVERTISER


Hello Dave I heard your program on the ABC early this morning – very informative and very interesting thank you very much. I would like to take up your kind offer and request some information about telescopes. I would be very grateful if you could forward the comparative telescope data you have available. Kind Regards and I look forward to your next appearance on the ABC radio. Erik Kulakauskas Director Business Development. Bridge2thinK Australasia P/L


  Hello Dave Just finished listening to your segment on the ABC with Trevor Chappell. I would really appreciate your help with buying a telescope. My husband and I live out in the country where we have views out over the ocean. We can see roughly 13 islands and lots of passing boats and ships off in the distance. We would love to buy a telescope that allows us to look at all these places and things, close up as well as take the occasional look at the moon and nearby planets. Any help or advice you could give us would be very much appreciated. Wayne and Vicki Armstrong


  Good morning Dave, I heard you on the radio this morning with  Trevor Chappell ….very interesting and informative. I would like to take you up on the offer of advice regarding telescopes.  I have an 8 year old son who is very interested in astronomy and would like to purchase him a telescope.  I am a novice and have no idea what I am looking at but would also like to use the telescope.  Could you please advise what would be a suitable telescope and where it could be purchased.  I have a budget of $500-$1000.  We live on the Northern Beaches in Sydney and have a good view of the night sky. Thank you in advance Kind regards. Darren Adams


Good morning Dave My name is Kerry and I just caught the tail end of your program on ABC Radio this morning.  I am hoping you can  give me some information regarding Solar Power.  We live in the country on the Darling Downs in Queensland.  I would like to know if solar towers have any safety risks. Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns Regards, Kerry


Hi Dave I would like to take up your offer to provide information on telescopes, Many Thanks Paul Douglas


I heard you on the radio this morning telling someone to contact you regarding the best telescopes to buy and you suggested they should contact you at this address. Since I am also interested I thought I would take that liberty as well. If you send that information to me too I would greatly appreciate it. Regards, Laurie Parks


Dave, I noticed your post on the SCP forum and would like to receive your weekly newsletter in PDF format. Thanks in advance. Regards,Mark Withers Regional Franchisor  Jim’s Mowing (Tasmania)



My son (Isaac) would love to receive your regular email about space, also thanks for the info regarding Jupiter and Venus over the phone. Next time we are in Sydney we will drop in for a visit.

Jamie Hawkins


Dear David,

Thank-you so very much for your excellent astronomy presentation last night. The community is indeed privileged to have the benefit of your knowledge and expertise and I commend you sincerely for your interest in promoting this awareness throughout the schools and making science such an ‘alive’ and interesting feature.  These students, and their offspring, are “the future” and will take our current information to a whole new ‘dimension’. Congratulatons, and thank-you, for sharing your passion with us all.

Warmest Regards, Joy-Elaine Lewis


My sincere thanks for your wonderful and informative newsletter, to which I have only recently become a subscriber, after having heard you on our local ABC radio station – 891 Adelaide.

Kindest regards, Mick.


Hi Dave

Thank you very much for the E-Book, we will read it with avid interest. How can I find out when you are “on air”?, because we really enjoy your discussions and your info. Kind regards

Mick and Vera – live long and prosper


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