Welcome to our unique 'ASTRONOMY OUTREACH' program for primary/high schools. Designed as an interactive visual astronomy/space show, it makes learning fun. This program is unique! Fully focussed on the student educating them in an interactive way about the many wonders of the night sky and focus on our closest star- the Sun.

Throughout each 40 minute talk, David will be using the latest, most up to date visual material available from NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope. We focus mainly on the solar system as well as touching on how the universe came to be and describe what stars are where they're made of. We use hi-power and colorful PowerPoint presentation slides.

Afterwards we go outside and let the kids view the Sun with safe solar glasses (a REAL buzz) and also do 'Solar Projection'- showing the Sun's full disc with amazing black sunspots projected onto a screen below the telescope. We can also view solar flares shooting out from the Sun.

Presented to in a fun way, the program is suitable for students from all primary school levels, but if need be provision can be made for younger students. We can also do multiple talks on the day. Our requirements are a darkened room, power access and teacher supervision.

Cost: $4 per child to cover our time, fuel and set-up expenses. Minimum number: 100 children (No maximum) Schools can combine classes or join with other schools to make up numbers if required. NB/ We can modify our presentation to include any extra subject material requested.

TEACHERS: To continue the lessons and assist in further study we will be leaving a FREE resource pack containing a few pair of Solar Glasses- Solar Viewers - Astronomy Fact Sheets - Space colouring in sheets to photocopy, etc. * Please note this activity is weather dependent. ie/cloudless skies

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