The next time you get burnt red from being outside too long spare a thought for how powerful that ball of energy is that dominates the daytime sky. The sun produces poem-worthy sunsets and as much energy as 1 trillion megaton bombs every second - wow, that's raw untapped power.

The sun is a star, just like the other stars we see at night, and it's big. The sun would hold the earth a million times over and it's been 'burning' for almost 5 billion years.

The Mid North Coast Astronomy group specializes in safe solar viewing. We conduct regular viewing sessions at local markets, field days, at exhibitions and conventions and at private homes.

We have expensive equipment, many years of experience and detailed knowledge that will amaze you with safe viewing of Solar Flares, Sun Spots and Solar Prominences.

WE supply everyone with the new technology marvel, Solar Glasses that allow detailed viewing of our Sun without risk. These glasses can be used for solar eclipses as well and you can even take a phone pic through one of the lenses if you like!   

People come out with amazing remarks when they see this...
People come out with amazing remarks when they see this...


This is a NEW program being introduced in our region this year. We come to you with large solar telescopes and solar projection equipment and show you the Sun close-up. This is new technology and 100% safe. In over twenty years not one incident! 

The whole session usually last 1-2 hours but can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Yep, we come to you with our telescopes
Yep, we come to you with our telescopes

So what are you waiting for. Select a sunny day, get your friends around to share the cost and organise a Solar Viewing day at your place! 

                         $20 Per Adult ...Minimum 8     Kids FREE!

**Discount for Larger Groups - Phone: 0400 636 363     Email:

              **All new bookings go in the DRAW to WIN an $800 Telescope Package!

                                SCHOOLS ESPECIALLY CATERED FOR

WE project the image of the Sun onto a white screen. Kids love it!
WE project the image of the Sun onto a white screen. Kids love it!

Over the years we have visited dozens of schools across NSW with our 'Astronomy Outreach programs. Kids love this and we leave a few solar glasses behind with teachers for lesson studies.

We have our working with children certificates and can cater for most numbers - teacher supervision is requested for all sessions. We work this program only in the Mid Nth Coast NSW region.


$3 per student (Minimum 50) * We run this program only throughout the greater Macleay -Hastings - Manning regions of the Mid Nth Coast NSW. Please Note; The program is entirely weather dependent.

Phone: 0400 636 363  Email:

A Word About Safety

The only safe way to view the sun directly through a telescope, looking through the eyepiece, is to attach a solar filter over the larger front (objective) lens. If your telescope has a finderscope, cover it with a filter as well, or cap it with the lens cap to avoid damage. 

With a little eye protection, our nearest star offers up some exciting viewing opportunities
With a little eye protection, our nearest star offers up some exciting viewing opportunities

The Sun, our source of natural light and warmth, and the star that made life possible on our planet, is just next door in astronomical terms. It's possible to get great, close-up views of our star with the right equipment. Never observe the Sun with any optical apparatus that has not been fitted with a proper solar filter. Don't use sunglasses or layers of photographic film - it's just not worth the risk.

                             So what is a proper solar filter?

For starters, it's very dense. It has to be able to filter all visible wavelengths to a safe level, as well as blocking infrared and ultraviolet light - all wavelengths that can cause permanent damage to the eyes.

There are also cardboard eclipse viewer glasses, with which you can safely get the same views. But make sure they are absolutely clean and scratch-free. If you want to get more than just a safe, naked-eye view of the Sun you'll need something a bit more substantial than basic protection.

Solar Projection

With a telescope or binoculars on a tripod, you can project the Sun's image onto a large piece of white card to see features on the photosphere (its visible surface). The card is simply placed in front of the eyepiece where your eye would normally go.

Once everything is set up, and after some focusing, you can easily see any sunspots. You can also get safe solar views through reflectors and refractors by fitting a solar filter over the front, objective end of the telescope. These cut out all of the ultraviolet and infrared radiation (heat) from the Sun and also 99.9 per cent of its brightness.

Solar filters are made from materials such as aluminium-coated Mylar, or coated glass - but do get advice from a reputable dealer.